Keep a Light on In Your Window

Still working on recording this one

Image Envoy, formerly Meridian Mansions, 2400 16th St. Couple at table on balcony at Meridian Mansions II   Theodor Horydczak Collection (Library of Congress) LC-H814-T-1569-011     


I saw a light on in your window, a silhouette against the glow
From far below where I stood wishing I could be your Romeo
When you went to church on Sunday I’d go early and stay late
Mark the calendar on Monday I’ve got six more days to wait
For your daddy at the wheel of that big black Cadillac
With you sitting like an angel down from Heaven in the back

For us down in the valley there’s aching backs than wings
Far from your house up on the hilltop with all its pretty things
Come Friday night we rub our skin to take away the smell
Of the work week at the tannery or factory or at the drilling well

And we linger while the rich boys all line up to take their shot
With their pocket squares and pedigrees and things we haven’t got
You think about who-has-what and all that sort of stuff—
When you’re putting on a Sunday best that ain’t half good enough

All them rich boys were keen to woo you, but you coolly passed them by
And it was plain to see you thought better of me, when I caught your eye
Every stolen kiss hid a scandal—still I admit I wished the world could see
Each time out in back of the churchyard when you were waiting there, for me

When your Daddy came to see mine, he had this to say:
“It’d be better son, for everyone, if you spend some time away”
He drove me to the county line in that big black Cadillac—
But keep your light on in the window, baby, someday I’ll be back