Still working on recording this one

Image:  Drought-stricken farmer and family near Muskogee, Oklahoma. Agricultural day laborer. Muskogee County U.S. Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information LC-USF34-016107-C


I wish there was a star baby
That we could hitch our wagon to
Or that we could find the well out there
Just waiting for the penny
That’s gonna make all our dreams come true

‘Cause it’s felt a long time coming lately
A little luck for me and you
Long enough to make me worry
Maybe we can’t muddle through

Fact is I can’t win for losing
And though you never lay down blame
We can’t eat if I ain’t working
That’s all on me, all the same

If wishes were horses I’d be leading
Six white chargers ‘round the bend
But no matter how much we believe in ‘em
Hopes and dreams are still pretend

If wishes were horses I’d be riding
A fine black charger up the hill
But wishes ain’t been feedin’ us—
And I don’t think they ever will

Seeing as there’s no jobs for taking
And I ain’t a beggar nor a thief
With our babies’ bellies aching–
There’s no choice but to seek Relief

How I wish there was a job baby
For every pair of idled hands
That before these hard times built these factories
Laid these roads and farmed these lands

‘Cause if working was a right darling
I’d throw my all at any task
While we’re hoping and we’re dreaming
That don’t seem so much to ask