A Little Love, A Little Mercy

Image  Works Progress Administration located at feri.org


A little love, a little mercy
Would go far when times are tough
When we’ve lost hope for what we had once—
And we’re just praying for just enough:
Enough to do right by the children
And dress then well against the chill
While they stare up at the lights on
In those big warm mansions on the hill

Enough to put a floor beneath us
And stop us sinking further down
Enough to put a roof above us
And stop this wandering town to town
Just enough to set a simple table
And serve a humble evening meal
Name a fair day’s wage for a hard day’s work sir—
Just say the word, and I’ll take that deal

‘Cause a little love and  a little mercy
Seem awful scarce in this hard land
I’ve seen a hundred stone cold shoulders
For each friendly helping hand

Big signs that say “Keep walking strangers—
We can’t care for those we call our own”
Betray a poverty of spirit
As deep as that of flesh and bone

See we had a home,  I had a job sir
Till trouble blew ‘em all away
I never dreamed we’d live in danger
Of empty bellies and no place to stay
So you might find some love and mercy
For us folks struggling to get by
In these hard times if  you remember
“There but for the grace of God go I”

Copyright 2013 by Bryan Kirschner