Better Days

(Live version)

Image & Caption: FSA (Farm Security Administration) rehabilitation borrower working on farm account books. Jackson County, Wisconsin 1939 LC-USF34- 060149-D


Know what it’s like to lie awake all night
‘Cause your last dollar’s owed a dozen ways?
Watching your baby sleep in cold moonlight
Hoping that she’s dreaming of better days
Of better days
Better days
Of better days
Ever waited for the bankerman’s knock
Like the midnight chime on a Doomsday Clock?
Knowing that he’ll send you on a one-way walk
‘Cause the note’s over due and he ain’t here to talk
Of better days
Better days
Of better days
Every get the feeling that minute by minute you’re losing
Any shot you got left at how you always hoped things would be?
And your damned if you do or you don’t or whatever you’re choosing
Well if you ain’t it’s a hell of a thing sir you take it from me
Ever  seen the back of the boss man’s hand?
If you ain’t I doubt you’ll understand
The half of living how we’re living here in this hard land
Where nothing much is turning out the way we planned
In better days
In better days
In our better days