Between the Best Intentions and the Whisky

Still working on recording this one

Image and caption: Drunken lumberjack, Craigville, Minnesota, 1937, U.S. Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Black & White Photographs, LC-USF33- 011295-M5


Spare a dime for one last drink, sir?

‘Cause I fear it’s my time to go

To see the angels up in heaven

Or the devil down below

After fifty years of living you’d think that I would know

But between the best intentions and the whisky

I’ve gotten turned around before

I did twenty years hard at her

Working the factory floor

But when times went bad that didn’t matter

The boss man he showed me the door

I had a home, a wife, a family

I don’t have them anymore

See between the best intentions and the whisky

I lost a little then a lot more

Now I don’t expect your pity

Nor do I feel any shame

There’s ten thousand beggars in this city

You decide sir who’s to blame

But I always tried to do my best sir

This I honestly can claim

It’s just between the best intentions and whisky

I ain’t always had steady aim