Choose Your Side

Still working on recording this one

Image and caption: Children of unemployed trapper, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana  U.S. Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information LC-USF33- 006174-M5


Young mother swaying asleep on her feet

Orphan children hungry on a muddy street

I’ve been north and south and west and east

Down and out among the people who matter least

And from where I’ve run and what I’ve seen

I learned being poor don’t make a man mean

From a prince in his palace to bums sleeping on a grate

Every one of us has got to choose love or hate

Big boss man kicking in his corner suite

Girls with thousand dollar shoes on their feet

I’ve been from mountains to valleys and coast to coast

Hobnobbing with the people who matter most

And when you’ve done that sir you will find

That being rich don’t make a man kind

From the Bowery to mansions on the riverside

Every one of us has got to choose faith or pride

Love or hate, faith or pride

Every one of us brother’s got to choose a side

You can take a stand or feed the beast

Just remember that  ’till there’s justice there won’t be peace