Cross of Gold

Still working on recording this one

Image: A poster comes to life. The roar of blast furnaces and the whistles of mill yard trains beat a rhythmic accompaniment to the words of Sergeant Vineyard and Chief Evans who spoke to a group of steelworkers at one of Allegheny-Ludlum’s plants. At this informal gathering in the mill yard, the servicemen acknowledged their debt to the men at forge and furnace, men without whose work victory would be impossible.  United States. Office of War Information.  LC-USE6- D-005611


With pride of purpose sir
Despite my empty pockets
I look for a place to make my stand
‘Cause there ain’t no magic
And it won’t be wishing
That gets us from lost out here
To a place in some promised land

When you turn my way
I fear you’re looking through me
Just a shadow of a man
Against these yellowed walls
But I ain’t alone—
There’s ten thousands with me
Ghosts shuffling through silent shuttered hiring halls

“Masters of the Universe”
They called our betters
Playing in their towers
In a world where we don’t rate
They raised a cross of gold
That dazed and dazzled
It drew our eyes from the prize
In the night and we lost our way

But if we melt it down
For coke and iron
Them fires they would burn as bright
As a dawning day
And when you looked my way
You won’t see no ghosts there
But the fight and the soul and the spirit
Of a renewed land

And we can turn the page
To forge a new path
One of factories, farms and families
We’ll rebuild with our own hands