Down to Our Last Dollar EP

“Broke, baby sick, and car trouble.” A 1937 photo by Dorothea Lange and its caption inspired of my first songs about life in hard times.

With this EP I am happy to share it and five others. I have roots Americana in mind when making them. When the rubber hits the road they’re a bit Tom Waits meets Woody Guthrie in Tom Joad’s campsite.

Q. How do I get it?

A. Stream it above or click through to download on Bandcamp.

Q. Is it free?

A. Yes! It’s name your price and 0 is totally cool. Here’s the deal: I have a pretty great day job. In the long run I’d like to get to the point where  music funds itself, including doing things like hiring session musicians and paying them real money.  If you want to pay something, do it to support that.  Making a living wise I’m covered.

Q. What’s story behind it?

A. 170,000 photos taken during the Great Depression by photographers working for the Federal government are now online.   I was struck by how much preventable suffering and resistance to helping people there was during our recent “Great Recession.” So I turned to them as inspiration for bearing witness to the truths of life in hard times, then and no

My goal is to create 101 original Americana songs that do just that.

Check the EP and the rest of the WIP out and let me know what you think: contact [at] bryankirschner [dot] me