God Rest Ye Jobless Gentlemen

Image and caption: New York, New York. Midnight mass on Christmas Eve at Saint Dominick’s church in an Italian-American neighborhood. Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information photograph collection (Library of Congress) LC-USW3- 013032-E


God rest ye jobless gentlemen, ‘cause Christmas cheer is free
Don’t be dismayed there won’t be work another month or three
Since Mr. Hoover’s gift this year is more austerity--
There are tidings, sir, that just don’t bring no joy

From shiverin’ in a manger to nailed to a tree
Jesus was a poor man who knew adversity
So I’ll wish him happy birthday with heartfelt sympathy
There are tidings, sir, that just don’t bring no joy

So ring the bells and deck the halls—hang the holly high
But if you please, you’ll pardon me
If I’m slow to joll-i-fy

Now steering clear of Satan’s power’s wise any time of year
But it’s the strength of Mammon’s grip that’s crushed our Christmas cheer
And it’s “work for every idled man” to which all our hopes adhere 
Those tidings sir, would bring comfort and joy