Hard Times Hundred and One

Still working on recording this one

Image: Street musicians, Maynardville, Tennessee U.S. Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information LC-USF33- 006139-B-M1


Now the rich man he’s got his story down pat:
“Those with the most deserve all they gat”
‘Cause the field is level and the rules are all fair
And those at the top deserve being born there
While the fella unemployed for so much as one day
Well wust’ve done something to make it that way

The rich and the poor deserve what they’ve got–
That’s the tale the bosses have spun
We’ll sing the real what’s-what about the haves-and-have-nots
In these hard times hundred and one

They say the market’s our friend, the market’s our king
And we can trust Mr. Market with most anything
Yet the poor man must fear that the wages he’s due
Will be stolen by those with the means
‘Cause those with the power rent pols by the hour
To stack the deck behind the scenes

They’ll seize what they please and cap the workingman’s knees
With the law or a Pinkerton’s gun
We’ll call out their wheeling and dealing to legalize stealing
In these hard times hundred and on

The rich man profits from the poor man’s sweat
That’s nothing new under the sun
We’ll remind anyone inclined to forget
With these hard times hundred and one

These hard times hundred and one my friend
Hard times hundred and one
We’ll bear witness in rhyme and four-four time
With these hard