I Ain’t Got Money, But I Got Wise

Image and caption: Detroit, Michigan. A Venetian night party at the Detroit yacht club, whose members represent the wealthier class of manufacturers and their friends. Commodore and girls drinking. Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information photograph collection (Library of Congress) LC-DIG-fsa-8d25285

I ain’t got money—but I got wise
To why the rich man’s keen to pull the wool over the poor man’s eyes
‘Cause I’ve been watching how a fortune’s made--
I’ve seen stacked decks and loaded dice everywhere that game is played
And sweetheart dealin,’ nudge-nudge,  wink-wink--
Fine follows raising glasses to pretending their shit don’t stink…

And I’ve seen you walking with your nose in the air
Like it was a long shot honey you could see me from way up there
I've seen you’ve bought diamonds with your boyfriends’ dough
That you wave around drinking Dom Perignon at the kind of parties where I don’t go

Yeah you’ve been flaunting what you’re wearing everywhere
And laughing at the hoi polloi when they stop and stare
I guess that’s entertainment, to your “Social Set Sort”
Who like running ‘round playing at life like it’s a spectator sport
But if you get bored with poseurs and pretense
You might find you’d like running with me on my side of the fence
True I don’t count for much in dollars and sense
I ain’t Silver Spoon upper-crust Ivy League spare no expense
Fact is I ain’t no one—exceptin’ my own man
Not some trumped-up stuffed shirt wanna-be also ran
No I ain’t trying to be more than I am--
So when you want an honest kind of deal, come down and see me ma’am