Love to Spare

Image and caption: Montgomery County, Maryland. Farmers sharing a car on market day. Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information photograph collection (Library of Congress) LC-USW3- 010300-E

Working folks have worries some don't understand--
Take an Oklahoma farmer on deeply mortgaged land
He did his damnedest dawn to dusk, each and every day
Till it seems like God woke up on the wrong side, sir
And trouble blew his farm away

Working folks have worriers others just don't see--
Take a father of four on the swing shift in a Michigan factory
He brought the floor his all and more, they called him "Johnny the Overtime Hound"
Till there was some big money mess back in New York City
And it shut that factory down

Working folks have worries, some folks just don't care--
'Cause they look at the little guy in back of the eight ball
And they can't imagine themselves there
But when you're a man of modest means with feet of common clay
You need to keep one hairy eyeball
On things where you've got no say
Yeah you can go for broke and burn both ends trying to get ahead
Till a punch to the gut straight out of left field knocks you two steps back instead
See working folks are quick to help those struggling to get by
'Cause working folks are crystal clear on "there but for go I"

So may you never wind up on the wrong side
Of the worries working people share--
But for our brothers and sisters suffering through hard times
I hope you'll find a little love to spare