The Lesson of Gethsemane

Image and caption: Reverend Bullard, preacher, and family with trailer home. Alexandria, Louisiana, Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Photograph Collection (Library of Congress), LC-USF34- 056656-D


They started rolling Sunday and they ain’t slowed down—
A spiritual revival wagon roamin’ town to town
‘Cause there’s a fearsome need in this hard time for words of hope to spread,
Makin’ joyful noise together, and breakin’ daily bread
So if you’re hankerin’ to testify and echo each “Amen”
Come gather by the riverside and bring yourself a friend
Or if you ain’t so much a praying man, come down to lend an ear
So long as Satan ain’t a pal o’ yours, you’ll find you’re welcome here
The preacher brought a podium and a big hand-lettered sign
And we’ll pray for loaves that multiply and water into wine
We’re sheltered by the canopy of big old shady trees
And the Good Lord’s set some heather here to cushion tired knees
First up, the Good Samaritan, then turn the other cheek
Be thou thy brother’s keeper, and blessed are the meek
The summer sun was setting as the congregation thinned
So he gave the benediction post a last concluding hymn
“Peace be with you, go with God, let faith lighten your load—
I hope to pass this way again, it’s time I hit the road--
See the lesson of Gethsemane is accepting fate with grace
And as a preacher here in this hard land, that’s traveling place to place”