Track List

  1. Down to Our Last Dollar
  2. Love in a Time of Want
  3. No Child Hungry and No Man Idle Too
  4. A Whole Lot of Trouble
  5. The Farmer’s Hired Hand
  6. The Hardest Hard Time
  7. What are Working Folks to Do? (I Guess We’re Supposed to Die)
  8. What’s a Man to Do?
  9. Nothing Good’s Been Done
  10. Hope in Hard Times
  11. A Little Love, A Little Mercy
  12. The Devil Lies Waiting for the Idle, It’s True
  13. In these Hard Times, that We Might See Justice
  14. Welcome to the Working Life
  15. Better Days
  16. When the Bill Comes Due
  17. Walk in My Shoes for a Day
  18. Summer ‘29
  19. Doing Without
  20. The Time for Waiting’s Well Past
  21. Merry Christmas to All and No More Idled Hands
  22. Mister Come Take this Guitar
  23. Not You Nor I
  24. Hard Times Hundred and One
  25. If Wishes Were Horses
  26. Half Good Enough
  27. I Ain’t Nothing, But I Ain’t Dumb
  28. Ninety-nine to One
  29. Some Say a Good Lord Sits in Judgment
  30. The Wages of Sin
  31. Sticks and Stones
  32. The Ghosts of ’29
  33. Cross of Gold
  34. Just a Nickel for You My Friend
  35. Hard Money Men Ain’t Got No Pity
  36. America the Battlefield
  37. Between the Best Intentions and the Whiskey
  38. Which Side are You On?
  39. A Dozen Kinds of Sorry and a Hundred Kinds of No
  40. To See These Hard Times Through
  41. Better Off Gone
  42. Morning
  43. You Can Always Go to Sea
  44. Daddy’s Old Tin Cup
  45. Diamonds
  46. Work Without War