Origin of a Song: Work Without War

Where to begin? I would have said Work Without War had a rich origin story prior to the current crisis. Present circumstances moved me to revisit and re-record it. First off I ought to credit singer-songwriter Billy Bragg. His style and lyrics–sometimes anthemic, at others empathetic–influenced me. (“The World Turned Upside Down” was a favorite […]

New EP: I Ain’t Got Money, But I Got Wise

Just vocals & guitar, plus some of my favorite lyrics…. Tracks: I Ain’t Got Money, But I Got Wise Bonded and Bought Doing Without Hard Money Men Ain’t Got No Pity The Farmer’s Hired Hand

On songwriting: “Resolute, always a little sad”

So it’s Sunday morning. I’m walking around the kitchen / dining area in a Bruce Springsteen concert t-shirt, nursing my coffee while I listen to some of my own songs, trying to decide which are individually ready and collectively right to include in an EP. And at close to exactly the same time, I happen […]