New EP: A Whole Lot of Trouble

How much grief can you fit into 1:25 of music? I swung for the fences in the title track, A Whole Lot of Trouble… A Whole Lot of Trouble The Hardest Hard Time Summer ’29 Down to Our Last Dollar Nothing Good’s Been Done

New EP: Man Must Work to Live

“Always shine your shoes, that’s the first thing that they look at” was earnest advice at an early age from my father, and unintended instruction in what it meant to be working class… Man Must Work to Live What are Working Folks to Do? Hope in Hard Times The Devil Lies Waiting for the Idle […]

New EP: Love in a Time of Want

I wouldn’t have tried to write a song inspired by Dorothea Lange’s iconic photo unless I felt I could halfway do it justice, musically. In the first 0:40 of Love in a Time of Want I think I might have… Love in a Time of Want A Little Love, a Little Mercy Better Days No […]