A Little Love, A Little Mercy

The story of the song:

#1: 4 AM

#2: Where’d It Come From?

The lyrics:

A little love, a little mercy | Would go far when times are tough | When we’ve lost hope for what we had once— | And we’re just praying for just enough: | Enough to do right by the children | And dress then warm against the chill | While they stare up at the lights on | In those big warm mansions on the hill | Enough to put a floor beneath us | And stop us sliding further down | Enough to put a roof above us | And stop this wandering town to town | Enough to set a simple table | And serve a humble evening meal | Name a fair day’s wage for a hard day’s work sir— | Just say the word, and I’ll take that deal |  ‘Cause a little love, a little mercy | Seem awful scarce in this hard land | I’ve seen a hundred stone cold shoulders | For each friendly helping hand | Big signs that say “Keep walking strangers— | We can’t care for those we call our own” | Betray a poverty of spirit | As deep as that of flesh and bone | See we had a home, I had a job sire  | Till trouble blew ‘em all away | I never dreamed we’d live in danger | Of empty bellies, no place to stay | So you might find some love and mercy | For us folks struggling to get by | In these hard times if you remember | “There but for the grace of god go I”

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